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About Us

Berne & Co Accountancy Services was founded by Patrick Berne with a view of servicing primarily the market across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland however our operations are not limited to these markets and we do carryout work for clients operating in various locations across the UK. It is our goal to draw upon almost a decade of professional experience to bring a broader vision to the needs of our clients. With the unique experience of Patrick Berne and his strategic business partners we are in a unique position of being able to offer innovative cutting edge solutions to many of the challenges faced by businesses and clients alike. Patrick’s unique experience of working within industry means that he is able to offer more than the “traditional” accountancy services offered by many traditional accountancy practices, he is able to leverage his experience of working within larger organisation’s to bring abundantly more to the table in terms of value added services such as; consultancy and business advice, implementation of business systems, development of internal controls, process improvement and facilitating you through going above and beyond your basic checks and balances to actively work as a strategic business partner to your business thus helping you grow your business and achieve your strategic objectives. For more information on services provided by the practice please click here.

The world of business presents both individuals and orgnaisations alike with ever changing financial and business needs. At Berne & Co Accountancy Services we can offer a complete spectrum of financial and business advice and solutions tailored to suit your individual circumstances. Depending on the nature and size of your business we can offer business solutions from self-assessments and CIS/RCT rebates for individuals all the way through to the outsourcing of your finance function for larger companies, all this excellent service whilst providing great value for your money.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to “serve our clients to the best of our ability” with this in mind the primary focus of everything that we do is around serving our clients and ensuring that they receive a “best in class” service, essentially your business is our business. One of our key goals is to ensure that we create and protect wealth for our clients and as such your wealth creation and business growth is our shared goal.

There are a number of core values that underpin everything that we do and who we are:

10+ Years Experience

Providing Best Business Solution For Growing Your Business

Our team has the courage, scale, passion, diversity and resourcefulness that promise wherever and however the world needs it.

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